What people are saying...

"I had a great time training with you through our 3 classes. I'd like to thank you for all the techniques and information you taught me, and all of the encouragement along the way. Looking forward to developing my demo with you."

"We wanted to thank you for guiding us with all our customer testimonials, on-air radio commercials, promotional Ads & of course your amazing voice and expert advice"

 -  Jen Loughner-Westerdahl,  Director of Public Relations for Monroe Wheelchair

WOW!!!   Doug, you have quite the Story! Thank you for sharing it so openly and with love, humility and forthrightness. I've heard from several people how powerful your testimony was. Thank you for all that you have given to The First Reformed Church of Scotia.

In many ways you're a blessing"

- Pastor Lynn Bodden, The First Reformed Church of Scotia

"You did such an outstanding job!  I 'll be writing a letter to our superintendent about your content and delivery!  I even discussed your presentation with my own grown kids at home! 

I would like to have you back again! "


- Principal Debra Male, Draper/Mohonasen  High School

-  Anne S,  Former Student

"My name is Gina and my 12 year old son Cole was in the audience 

when you spoke at Draper.  He came home from school that night and

was so excited to tell me about you and your journey.  Cole told me that you were an "inspiration" to him, and that he couldn't believe he cried while listening to you speak.

I feel its very important for you to know what an impact you made on him!!!  Cole's a crazy kid, and keeping his attention on anything long enough for him to form an opinion...unfortunately is not often.

So your message about life and never giving up on your dreams and aspirations really meant something to him.

My other 18 year old son, Cole and I just got done watching your other videos on you tube....you ARE indeed an inspiration and you're real!  

Thank you for making a difference in my children's  lives and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors."    

 - Gina W,  Parent from Mohonasen High School